March 11th, 2024

036 Embracing Imperfection - The Drive from the Trail Home Podcast

I've been thinking a lot about embracing imperfection. My drive for 100% completion of training plans has only left me burnt out or, worse, injured.

Today, I hit the entry gate to run the trails, ready to run 10k before a meeting later. I received a call from my wife, and there was a minor emergency I needed to speak with her about. It took time, but I was patient and focused on what was truly important. My 10k became a 5k, and that is okay.

I've finally realized that I’ll be a better runner if I can get it right 80% of the time. If I eat well 80% of the time, I'll be healthy and have solid energy for life. If I get 80% of my strength training, I'll be stronger in just a few months.

A 20-minute walk is better than no walk at all. A 5k is better than no run at all. Dump the perfectionism. Ditch the judgemental attitudes we hold against ourselves. The benefits of adopting this mindset extend far beyond our physical health. Psychologically, accepting imperfection can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety. It fosters a kinder inner dialogue and builds resilience. Physically, it encourages a more balanced and enjoyable relationship with your health.

This sustainable approach means you’re more likely to stick with your routine long-term, adapting as your life and needs change. It transforms fitness and health from a chore into a joyful part of your life.

Listen to me talk more about this on the podcast episode I recorded today!