March 15th, 2024

Hit the trail on the warmest day we’ve had this year. The heat increased my heart rate, but I felt good, so I pushed hard for the last mile and a half. Joining the Knees Over Toes Guy’s ATG training app has been my best move in the last several months. Usually, after hitting the trails hard, I’d deal with some nagging hamstring and tailbone soreness, especially after sitting on the drive home for 20-30 minutes—no soreness or stiffness whatsoever today. I’ve been working out for a while and doing a lot of strength training, but this style of training that focuses on lengthened muscle movement has changed my running and recovery. I’ll go into more detail in a post soon. I also think the flow rope training for running has helped keep my body feeling more fluid. I’m almost 50, so anything that helps me avoid stiffness is worth it.