March 17th, 2024

In a departure from my usual trail runs, I hit the mean streets of Guthrie, America. This was a low heart rate shakeout run, and I feel good. Tomorrow is my race team's first event of the year, the Lucky Coyote 5k, at a local craft beer house.

Rebuilding from my injury last June has been long and painful. According to the doctor, I'm good to go, but my brain is holding me back, and I have doubts that the tendon is ready to take the abuse from my feet hitting the pavement. What a mind game.

Last year, at this time, I was at my peak. I came in first in my age group, first overall in the masters category, and fourth place overall with a 20:22 5k. Even thinking about holding a 6:33-mile pace seems way out of reach this season, but I'm determined to build back.

Tomorrow's race will be about enjoying the atmosphere, seeing friends, and picking up the pace just a little bit to start building back some confidence.